How Conscious Leaders Run Their Business In 7 Simple Steps!

Have you ever wondered how many online entrepreneurs could achieve such amazing things in the business while you barely make it?

All the following on social media, all the revenue they generate, all the impact they are creating around the world, and their stories inspire us on a deeper level.

People who are starting their own business think, that after they have discovered their ‘’competitors’’ they can easily copy them or model their success which is impossible in the business. Keep reading and you will find out why.

If you’ve tried to copy someone else’s ‘’way’’, ‘’strategy’’ or ‘’captions’’ and every time you did the same thing what they did, you wondered why nothing has happened?

There is a secret behind all this: The truth is, only a few people live by their true passion and they ‘’walk the talk’’, you can feel it from their stories on Instagram, Live stream on Facebook, or even on the ads or webinars they have created. On the other hand, you can find many people talking about the same topics, same strategies, same marketing principles but somehow you can see their body language which clearly says ‘’they don’t walk the talk’’

Yes, they know the stuff, but they don’t have the ‘’spark’’ there is no passion, and your mind goes like this:It's something odd with this person, I don't trust them, and you can say it right of the bad. You can see, that this is not something they are passionate about.

It’s easier to follow the trends, It’s easier to do the easy stuff, people rather skip the ‘’hard work’’ of finding themselves and discovering their passion, and if they do, they are not committed to master it for the rest of their lives.

Once you’re ready, we can reveal all 7 steps of how conscious leaders run their own business together!

1st step- Your business is 100% reflection of you.
This is the first reason why people cannot copy any conscious leader out there. Because the truth is-Your business is 100% reflection of you.
Yes, The post they have created had a level of success not because they posted it at a certain time or used the perfect hashtags. It has succeeded because it was part of them, part of their identity.

Let’s say: You want to be the ‘’funny marketer’’ because you liked someone else’s style of showing up. You skipped the ‘’hard work’’ of discovering who you are, otherwise, you would already know that you are not the funny guy. Now, you’re creating funny videos but nothing is working for you, you are not being yourself in front of the camera, and every single time you created a video it makes you feel miserable and frustrated.

People who are successful in any industry took a time to figure out who they are. Once they know who they are, the business becomes a much easier ride for them. They know what to post, they know what to talk about, because they are talking their truth. They know their style of delivering value, so everything they do becomes easier for them to create, to help, and serve people who need their help.

This leads me to the next step which is serving others.

2nd step- Serving others
Conscious leaders run the business from an ‘’abundance mindset’’
-Let me clarify that for you.

Have you ever tried to sell something online? If so, try to recall your reason why you were selling your course, training, or whatever you’ve ever tried to sell…

Well maybe it was not in your case, but many people are selling stuff because they don’t have enough money, they want more because they need more for living, they want to be successful right?

This makes sense, but when you look at the conscious leader and how they sell the courses or whatever service they provide. They have a reason to sell it. But it’s not coming from fear or lack of money, they sell it from abundance and this course is an opportunity for you to be better in some areas of your life. They allow you to be a better version of yourself they don’t force you to buy or invest in the service, they give you an opportunity and they ‘call-in’ only the right people.

Can you see the difference?
Selling from the fear and lack versus selling from the abundance and serving others.

When you shift your mindset to abundance and serving others instead of fear and lack, you will constantly attract more like-minded people and better customers in the first place.

Yes, I get it, but first, you have to have enough money then you can sell it from the place of abundance right? Well, you can try to change the energy of your next launch and you might see how this is playing a huge role in every conscious business. Keep in mind, where focus goes energy flows.

When you sell your service from a place of abundance (You have enough) and you detach yourself from the outcome and you put out your offer to the world with an intention of attracting the right people who need your help who are like-minded and positive and no matter what happens you let everything unfold for you (of course you track the numbers and all the good stuff which are necessary to run the business) you will see the ease and flow in your business from the day one. And as a bonus, you become a magnet for those ideal clients as well.

If you still see this perspective shift as a challenge, maybe it’s time to have a look at your money relationship.Money is a crucial aspect of running your business and this is the part where every conscious leader had to put some time and effort too.

— So let’s do it together.

3rd step-Money relationship & Exercise
This exercise will help you change your money relationship in a conscious way and just like any other relationship you have had before. You need to look at your current situation where you at, and where you want to be.

This exercise is really helpful and it will uncover your blind spots, your relationship with money, your reasons why you could earn 20K/month, and then you cannot pay the rent at the end of the month. This is how you are able to consciously create a better relationship with your money and how you could feel good with the money and also without the money. This is where you become the magnet for abundance and your business start thriving.

If you are pumped to do this just like I’m, take your pen and paper and do the exercise with me right now.

It’s a really easy, yet very powerful way how to shift your money mindset.

Answer these 5 questions and you will see your current relationship with money and how can you improve it from today!

If money is the person…

1st question- How do you feel about this person? How did you treat that person? have you constantly kept him for yourself? Are you afraid to let him go? Do you trust him that he would show up tomorrow or not?

2nd question- Is there something you are sorry for? How did you treat this person named money in the past?

3rd question- How would you like to change this relationship with money?

4th question- What are your plans with money if he trusts you enough to come back, what would you do with him(why do you want more money in your life, what do you want to do with the money?)

5th question- How would you like your friend to show up? Is he excited to see you, do you meeting up every day or once a month? Are you happy to see him again?

How was it? did you do it? If not, do it today you will see how this simple exercise will help you personally and also in your business.

As you already know, your business is 100% reflection of you. So that clearly said, you are the person who moves the needle in your business and every action you create has a reaction.

Imagine if you have a really bad relationship with money why do you think that you cannot attract any good clients or why do you think you are losing money every month?

It’s because of your unconscious bad relationship with money.

Yes, you’re right, business has a name, the business has papers, taxes, people involved, etc. But if you’re the business owner, you know that you’re creating every offer, every service you provide is literally a reflection of your identity. So why do you think you might be struggling so much and other conscious leaders are thriving? Because they know that, and they constantly working on themselves more than on the business.

4th step- Spiritual tools
Another way how conscious leaders run their business is using spiritual tools, Spirituality is part of their identity. They could run the business, they could be the father or mother they could travel but their mindset has a powerful advantage because they run their lives under the roof of spirituality.

How many people already said that their morning rituals include Meditations, Yoga, Visualisations, Journaling, or Breathwork?

People who run their business have to be super clear, focused, and grounded in order to make the best decisions and that’s why they use these tools to be the best versions of themselves.

5th step- Observation
The biggest help in your caliber as a conscious leader and it’s observing your situations.

Conscious leaders are very self-centered in a good way, they look inside them. They master observing and use this tool to help them solve any challenge or situation they might face.

-They observe their thoughts in certain situations.
-They observe their emotions in certain situations.
-They observe their triggers in certain situations.

Observation is the only superpower you can get in this life. It’s a level of consciousness that will help you be the best version of yourself.

6th step-Intentions
Let me ask you this…

What is your Intention for today?
What are you calling in to your life today?

You know the universe is just like a big google. You type in whatever you want and you get answers, many people are just not aware of the existence of ‘’google’’ and how powerful a tool it is…

Many conscious entrepreneurs confessed that every morning they set an intention for the day. You might already know that you are manifesting everything in your life, you might just lose control or the direction for a while and you are not getting what you want. They use their intuition, many people are the slave of their monkey mind… overthinking, etc… if you commit yourself to calm down your mind, your soul will speak to you even louder. You just need to master the state of coherence between mind and heart.

7th step- Mindset & Strong Why
Mindset is a big topic to cover right now, But the only difference between you and another conscious leader out there is these three things.

First:They master self-worth.
Conscious leaders are not questioning if they are good enough, or if they can do it, they know that they are worthy of the 10K clients, they speak the truth and they are committed to serve and help other people, They know that everything is a change of energy and they value the time and effort they are putting in work with you.

Conscious leaders know what they are capable of, transforming the lives, scaling the business, or create the brand you could not even imagine. They put the effort and time into developing the expertise they now have. They had to go through many failures in the past. This gave them the advantage of seeing ‘’mistake’’ from the 100 miles and they can give you advice so you can avoid this mistake, a mistake they did at the beginning. People become experts by failing and doing the work and willing to do it again.

Third:They have a strong ‘’WHY’’
The reason why many entrepreneurs who “made it” is because they have strong enough ‘’WHY’'. The Why is helping them to do all of this in the first place.

Bonus Tip
The last secret is for you: if you are constantly in the battle with the different opinions, with the haters and you constantly take the opinions personally.

Conscious leaders know that every hate they get, has nothing to do with them. It’s about the person who saw the reflection of the problem or desire or some bad experience from the past. Those people have been trying to run away from this and you just showed them the situation once again you reminded them of something they cannot have. Now they feel like they have been attacked once again but this time by you.

As always, this requires you to work on yourself.

-Yes, it takes time
-Yes, It’s a commitment
-Yes, It’s worth it

I got your back!




Writer,Spiritual Guide,Jazz and Chill-hop fan,Obsessed with being the best version of yourself.

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Denis Sindler

Denis Sindler

Writer,Spiritual Guide,Jazz and Chill-hop fan,Obsessed with being the best version of yourself.

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